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A full service architecture firm where design is aligned with client aspirations and needs. We provide a range of design services for residential, commercial and institutional clients.


We are creative, professional and successful because we always:

T r i a n g l e   o f   S u c c e s s

The triangle is the most stable of geometric forms. This stability is derived from the full independence of its parts. A successful architectural project requires specialization and interdependence.

W e   w o r k   w i t h   o u r   c l i e n t s   t o   a l i g n   t h r e e   c r i t i c a l   r o l e s :

T h e   O w n e r

T h e   B u i l d e r

T h e   A r c h i t e c t

About Alex

Alex is licensed to practice architecture in the State of New Jersey as well as NCARB certification for reciprocal licensing with most other states. Read More